CITY OF LOST SOULS #1: MOO MAC COMICS (review by James Lundy)

writer: James McCulloch   artist: Janine Van Moosel


As we know, small press/indie comics tend to be produced by unknown creators who have little in the way of funds for marketing. On top of that, they are usually undertaken in the creators spare time when they are not working to pay the bills.

Such factors usually prevent sequential issues being released on a regular basis, making a strong theme and solid hook very important. Having self-published myself, I know a thing or two about this malarky, so tend to keep an eye out for such books when at conventions.

At the weekend just past, I was at Glasgow Comic Con and picked up a copy of City of Lost Souls…this is what I think of it.

Regarding this book’s theme, hook and pacing, it certainly succeeds. The initial pages provide a short set-up, then we immediately hit the ground running with any necessary background being provided along the way.

The hook, although not ‘mind blowing’, is sufficient enough for me to want to continue. Actually, I’m currently having difficulty recalling the last premiere issue that left me gobsmacked or scratching my head…perhaps issue #1 of the recent Twilight Zone from Dynamite.

Dialogue on the greater extent is fine. At times it did feel a bit forced, but certainly seemed to flow better as the book progressed. Perhaps this is due to my mind-set at the time, or perhaps it was James getting more comfortable with the characters as he went along.

The interior art for the book was good as well, with some nice panels and full-page spreads. Janine truly showed some creative flare with the construct, which enhanced the story’s pace, but there was that one part where the story read across two pages, and I was kind of let down by having to reread it to make sense.

One major room for improvement is the cover. There’s NOTHING wrong it as such, but it does little to differentiate itself from other indie books that may be on offer. This in itself is a missed opportunity, and having witnessed a lot of Janine’s other work she is easily capable of producing a stunning painted cover that would make you stop, look and choose this book over the competition.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book in a heart beat, especially if you like horror stories which appear to be set in Edinburgh. Look past any slight flaws I may have mentioned, because I certainly have a strong feeling that this is one to look out for.




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