If you’ve never attended a convention before, and are worried about putting a foot wrong – DON’T BE, we’ve all been there and you’ll get over it fairly quickly.

Here’s a few simple steps to make your life easier………

1. Try to arrange and pay for any art commissions before the show if possible. Talent can usually be contacted via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail.

2. Study any table plans of events or outlines of panels, and plan your visit in order of importance.

3. Once you are in a queue – stay there if you value your place.

4. Don’t think you’re automatically entitled to a spot in a queue if you wander away from it. People are generally cool if you need the toilet, but don’t assume that you can just stroll about willy nilly and everyone else has to accommodate you.

5. Don’t let all your friends jump in the queue in front of people who have been waiting for ages – That’s just wrong!

6. When there is a big queue, don’t shove 50 books under the nose of talent to get your book signed.

7. If you are lucky enough to get a free sketch from talent, don’t ask for more than one – That’s just not fair.

8. Maybe pick up a sketch book from artists if they give you a free/cheap sketch – After all, they have bills to pay too.

On a final note, RELAX – You’ll have paid good money to be at a show, so enjoy yourself. Although you may put your favourite creators on pedestals, they are only human and will likely appreciate being talked to like one. 😉


stupid costumes


Choosing the worst superhero or villain costume has to be one of the toughest tasks anyone could set out for a comic book fan. That’s not because there’s a lack of stupid looking costumes, but rather as fanboys/girls we tend to wear blinkers where such things are concerned.

Therefore we’re simply going to list 3 MARVEL characters who we feel have stupid costumes and you can agree/disagree as much as you want…or add simply add your own.


CAPTAIN WONDER: Not only does Captain Wonder (The Twelve) kind of look like he’s modified a Kree helmet to some extent, he’s also forgot to wear a pair of trousers while donning what look like a fashionable pair of wellies.

Perhaps they did things a bit different back in WWII.


FLAG-SMASHER: I’m sorry, but this Flag-Smasher just looks like a ripped off Space Ghost with a mace to me…


CAPTAIN AMERICA ARMOUR: Remember when Captain America got that really cool armour when he was paralysed? We certainly don’t, as it looked nothing more than S.T.U.P.I.D!!!!!

Actually, don’t take this list too seriously. We may be pointing out that various incarnations of various suits were sometimes stupid and lacked inspiration, but heck, we love them all.



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