HERO TALK EPISODE 142: The episode where the Djedi get nuked from orbit…

This week’s episode includes:


REEBOK ALIEN STOMPER FIASCO:  Ian fills us in on the highs and lows of what transpired on LV-426 Day…


SYMBOLOGY & STUFF: Did Lucas purposely ransack stuff from myth and scripture, or were the similarities just complete chance?

NATHAN FILLION: Seems Nathan Fillion is due to star as Simon Williams AKA Wonder Man in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but what could this mean for the MCU?


DISNEY LEGO: Doug got his hands on a box of Disney LEGO, but what was inside it?

To listen simply use one of the following methods:

– Search for HERO TALK on iTunes, but please be advised we have just resubmitted the feed.

– Subscribe via iTunes entering the following:


– Download the HERO TALK EP142 mp3 via:



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