HERO TALK EPISODE 141: Riddle me this me Batman, whose trousers are in the bread bin?

Meanwhile at HERO HQ, our four eyed friends talk about the latest geeky nonsense:  🙂


LV-426 DAY:  Ian fills the guys in on LV-426/Alien Day, and gives us an insight into what’s going on …


WIZARD WORLD: Having just announced a $4.25m Loss for 2015, Wizard have decided to scale back their number of events.

THE FIX: Doug just recently read The Fix from Image Comics, which he loved.

HARDCORE HENRY: Among the movies touched on by Ian this week, this one seems like quite a joyride.

DAVE: Having never really felt the need to read an autobiographical graphic novel, the guys were a bit late to the party on this one. However, you can bet the rent money they were glad they eventually got around to it.

To listen simply use one of the following methods:

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– Subscribe via iTunes entering the following:


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