HERO TALK EPISODE 138: Just when you thought it was safe to…

That’s right peeps, you thought we had fell off the face of the earth…actually, you HOPED we had fell off the face of the earth, but unfortunately for you we made a deal at the crossroads… 🙂


FILM & COMIC CON:  Ian gives us a run down of his time working at F&CC Bournemouth, and tells us what question you shouldn’t be asking a Game of Thrones panel…

COLONY: It’s really good…and we still don’t know too much.

THE EXPANSE: With Cas Anvar due to appear at Edinburgh Comic Con (www.heroconventions.com), the guys discuss the new sci-fi show which is taking the world by storm.


DOOMED:  It’s quirky and fun, so what else do you want?

To listen simply use one of the following methods:

– Search for HERO TALK on iTunes.

– Subscribe via iTunes entering the following:


– Download the HERO TALK EP138 mp3 via:



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